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Whatever your task or trade, worldwideengineering area leading tool supplier and have over 15,000 tool products available tobuy online.

All our hand tools are high quality, competitively priced  andsupplied from the world's leading manufacturers like Dewalt, Stanleyand Black and Decker.

Our range of industrial tools complements our range of products well and are well suited to be used as workshop equipment.

We also provide fixings and fasteners to further enhance our range

Our web cataloguefeatures tools and accessories to accomodate all trades, professionsand industries in a wide range of interest.

We aim to provide unbeatable prices with an unrivalled service.

Enjoy browsing our online store for an unbeatable experience.

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List of Manufacturers

3-in-1Abus Allen Alto Kew Anglo Antex AralditeArmorall Arrow Bahco- SAN Bailey Bakers Barbara K Bernzomatic Bessey Black & Decker Blackedge BOABostikBostitch Brennenstuhl Briers Britool BrummerBulldog Caldwells Camping Gaz Cannon Carplan Carroll& Meynell CarverCasals Cascamite Castrol Coleman Connexion ConticoCopydex Craften Crescent DeltaDeWaltDisston DMT DormerDuck Tape Duracell E-Magnets EarlexEinhell EklindElectro Emir Ergodean EstwingEvoStik Ezewipes FaithfullPower Plus Felco Files Fisco FisherFiskars Flexipads Flexovit Fluxite FootprintFrys Metals GarrysonGilbowGorillia Gunk Halls Heartbeat Henry Squire Henry Taylor HilmorHitachiHowardRichard I.M.N IndiaIrazola IrwinIrwin Marples Irwin Record Isotronic JackJacobs JCB JubileeKarcher Keen Kent Kidde Knipex Kopex Kunys Laco Ledco Lenox Lessman Lighthouse Lindstrom Lock& Load Loctite Lufkin Lumatic Maglite Markal MarshalltownMartek Masterplug MatabiMaun Melco Mitutoyo Monodex MonumentMulticore Multisharp Nailers Nicholson Niloc Nitromor Nobex Norbar Oakley OleoMac OlympiaTools Omega Plano PlasplugPlastic Padding Polco Powermaster Presto PrimusPriory PTProfiles Python Q.Max Quick-GripR.S.T.Raaco Ragni RapidRapitest Rawlplug RecoilRehauRichmond Ring Rocol Ryobi Sanko ScanScottool Shark Saws Shaws Silver Steel Simoniz Sistema SMJ Snail SoloSolvite StabilaStahlwille StanleyStanley Intellilevel StarrettSteinelStencils Strait-Line Swarfega TapeLine Taymar TengTerry Plastics ThorTodays Tools Townand Country Trend Triton TRT Trumeter Tubella U-Care UltraUnibond Uniross Victorinox Victory Visa VisegripVitrexWagner Spraytech WD40Weller Wera Wesco West Wilkinson Sword Williams Wiss WitteWolfcraft Wynns X F R Xcelite Zenith Profin

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