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Extended service life of sewage mixer pumps
We succesfully extend the service life of original mixers and pumps for a large Scottish company that provide raw material fuel to fire one of the largest power stations in the UK !
read Date  7|6|2010     download
Bottling scroll drive shaft manufactured - in time !
worldwideengineering were called upon to help a major whisky bottling and packaging company with the manufacure of a drive scroll shaft that had worn. This is where our second-to-none reverse engineering service standards ...
read Date  7|6|2010     download
Commercial bakery save a lot of dough !
Conveyor drive shafts manufactured within 48 hour deadline that saved commercial bakery unplanned downtime and a lot of money which meant customer delight !
read Date  7|6|2010     download
Conveyor Upgrade for Drinks Manufacturer
A conveyor upgrade led to increased performance and productivity for a drinks manufacturer when they approached us to eliminate the accumulation of empty cases on their existing system...
read Date  1|3|2010     download
Commercial Bakery
Worldwide Engineering comple Conveyor Upgrade at Commercial Bakery
read Date  9|10|2009     download
Biomedical Science Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer
Through our Zero Cost Programme we delivered £40,000 in savings for a major manufacturer, reduced their stockholding and decreased operational costs significantly.
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